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    I'm a journalist and wannabe data visualist based in Chicago, covering business and finance. Here, though, I write & design about television, sports and other cool things in this world that consume my soul.
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    J Nulty White

    An interesting look at what makes Amazon’s #Branding work so well by @fareehaali. A must-read for anyone in the bra…

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    Fareeha Ali

    I wrote this post for my 3 blog readers about how much I loved the first Avengers 7 yrs ago😱😭❤️…

    Fareeha Ali

    my boys <3

    Fareeha Ali

    These #EliteEight games damn #MarchMadness #FinalFour

    Show Media

    When 49% of #ecommerce sales occur on #Amazon & eBay, it's time for retailers to seriously consider how marketplace…

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