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    I'm a journalist and wannabe data visualist based in Chicago, covering business and finance. Here, though, I write & design about television, sports and other cool things in this world that consume my soul.
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    Fareeha Ali

    ICYMI: We estimate sales on Amazon during Prime Day crossed $10B, and Amazon's marketplace sellers were a highlight…

    Fareeha Ali

    @MGTalksRetail I think it'll go back to July. Seems like FBA warehouses were at capacity & many sellers didn't get…

    Michelle Grant

    @CailaSchwartz @CommerceCloud @RetailRobGarf @aviannmarie @DanielShim I got a notification from Athleta this mornin…

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    Caila Schwartz

    #primeday insight: Non-Amazon sites are already seeing LOTS of activity --as of 7 am ET, online spending is UP 33%…

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    Fareeha Ali

    What's new on #PrimeDay2020 this year? I'm noticing better deals on competing #retail sites. We project Prime Day s…