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    I'm a journalist and wannabe data visualist based in Chicago, covering business and finance. Here, though, I write & design about television, sports and other cool things in this world that consume my soul.
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    The @amazon branding game by @fareehaali

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    Fareeha Ali

    It’s Amazon #PrimeDay! Let me know what you’re buyin, any site issues you have & what sites you’re shopping on. Hav…

    Fareeha Ali

    Shout out to my best friend @rogerfederer for an amazing Wimbledon final. Couldnt pull it out but played the best h…

    Fareeha Ali

    <3 u boo #Federer

    Fareeha Ali

    We project sales on Amazon #PrimeDay will top $6 billion, up 46% from last year. Biggest reason for growth: event i…