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    I'm a journalist and wannabe data visualist based in Chicago, covering business and finance. Here, though, I write & design about television, sports and other cool things in this world that consume my soul.
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    Courtney Reagan

    4 years ago today @amazon announced it was buying @WholeFoods and grocery stocks worldwide tumbled. But has $AMZN r…

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    Fareeha Ali

    Here are the top 10 online #retailers in North America, according to our latest @DC360_Official analysis. The shift…

    Fareeha Ali

    I’ll be discussing Q1 #ecommerce and #retail data during @DC360_Official Leading the Charge event at 10am CT. Tune…

    Juozas Kaziukėnas

    Google is shutting down its Shopping app. Makes sense given the recent admissions that they don’t want to be a reta…

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    Fareeha Ali

    Some news at Amazon huh? Here's a chart of its online retail sales growth. A 40% growth in 2020 for a retailer with…